Jason grew up in Bloomington, MN and spent most of 33 years living and dancing in the suburbs of Minneapolis.  Like most kids, Jason was greatly influenced by the pop stars of MTV during the 80's. But it was during a year in San Diego, CA, while serving in the U.S. Navy, where he befell the free line dance lesson at the local country bar and never looked back.

Jason is tall!

IN COUNTRY WESTERN DANCE Jason has been competing since 1995.  He has two (5) Division 1 championships, and the 1998 2-Step Across America National Championship. 

Jason is currently dancing Pro Am with quite a few successful students.  His coaching has produced fifteen (15) dance world championships (his student took 1st place in that dance at WORLDS) and two (2) overall world champions (8 dances in the competition, his student has won 1st place overall... twice).

Jason is Y!

IN WEST COAST SWING Jason has won over 330 titles over his 23 year dance career. Along with the U.S. Open Team title in 2004, Jason has earned many Top Teacher awards.  Currently Jason still competes at the Champions level (the top professional level in the world) when it comes to Jack & Jills as well as Strictly Swings (both of these divisions are lead and follow dance contests).  When it comes to routines however, five (5) times Jason has placed among the top 10 Classic couples at the U.S. Open.

Jason is handsome!

IN BALLROOM DANCE Mr. Jason Barnes is certified in American Smooth & Rhythm as a dancer & teacher through the DVIDA syllabus. He’s a choreographer, MC, performer, coach, judge, and DJ. Currently Mr. Jason is
the dance director of the West Coast Swing Zone dance club and the Blue Ridge Barnestormers competition team based in Asheville, NC. 

Jason is unique!

“Students come to classes to have a good time, as well as learn something. I want to make sure we have fun at the same time. My classes are not like a lecture in college.” He encourages communication and group interaction in his workshops. “Never be afraid to ask me a question or tell me a joke.”  Whether it's a private lesson or a group workshop, you're sure to grow as a dancer and have a great time doing so with Mr. Jason Barnes.
Amy, like many people in the 90's, befell the free line dance lesson at a local country bar and never looked back. She spent the rest of the summer racing to the Neon Cactus in Lafayette, IN to take the free dance lessons. Cary Pettit and Scott Blevins were dance instructors at the Neon Cactus. They both attracted lots of dancers to their lessons. Luck for Amy, they attracted college age ballroom dancers. They were members of the Purdue Latin & Ballroom Team. Soon after meeting them, Amy was a member of the team as well. By the time Amy graduated from Purdue, she had learned hundreds of line dances, plus East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Country Two-Step, Night Club Two-Step, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha and Waltz. Purdue gave Amy a B.S. degree and a background in American Style Ballroom dancing at the Bronze and Silver levels.

After graduation, Amy moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and eventually joined the Indy Swing Dance Club. ISDC is a not-for-profit organization that promoted swing dancing in the Indianapolis area. Amy worked to organize and promote the Indy Swing Classic (a swing dance competition and workshop weekend) from 2003 until 2006. She even served as Activities Director on the board of directors of the club. After moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota Amy joined the Twin Cities Rebels, another organization that promoted swing dancing to the local community.

Amy and her husband Jason moved to Asheville, NC to teach swing and ballroom dancing at the Asheville Ballroom and Dance Centre.  Amy is now known as the "Shoe Lady" as she is the one to talk to when you have questions about dance shoes.