We offer the following types of dance lesson:

  • Group Lessons (or Workshops) at the Asheville Ballroom

    The Asheville Ballroom 6 week series is $60.00 - $99.00 per person.
    Drop-in classes and workshops vary from $10.00 - $20.00.

  • Private Groups

    These are your wedding parties, country clubs or corporate parties. This is where your group classes are not open to the public.  Because a private group class would need to be scheduled around your group's availability as well as our availability, you won't see any private group classes listed on any dance calendar or schedule.  Hourly rate varies by location and class size.

  • Workshops, Privates & Play in your town

            Jason &/or Amy can come to you and dance with your entire community!  
            Expose your students to workshops with Champion WCS dancers.  
            Ask for discounts on private lessons too!

Private Coaching Lessons

  • Adult Lessons (age 18 and up)

    1 Lesson$79
    Includes Floor Rental Fees

    5 Lessons

    Save $20
    10 Lessons

    Save $100

  • Youth Lessons (age 17 and under)

    1 Lesson


    10 Lessons

    20 Lessons


Each lesson is 50 minutes in length