I love my new shoes!  They make me want to dance.  (Referring to the new double soled series from Very Fine)

Marilyn - Asheville, NC

So, nice to have you & Amy providing the instruction for us this past Saturday, it was very much appreciated, I hope that you’ll consider coming back in the near future.

I’ve attended dance workshops from La Crosse, WI to Kansas City, MO for the past 8 years and for me, this was the most enjoyable learning experience in couples dancing.  WCS & NC2 are certainly 2 of the more interesting dances everyone should have in their repertoire of dances. With true appreciation and warmest thanks to you.

F.M. - Des Moines, IA

This is the tall guy from your basic workshops this past Saturday from the DC Swing Xperience. (Okay, you probably had a few of them in there, but none were likely as tall as I am.) I just wanted drop a quick note and tell you that I learned a lot. I think you have a easygoing, effective teaching style that few other instructors possess, and I wanted to acknowledge it. A high five to you, sir. (In our case, literally.)

C.H. - Charlottesville, VA

You and Amy are really a neat addition to our dance community.   Thanks for all you do.  

M.S. - Asheville, NC

I really enjoyed having Jason here this weekend. It was great to get to know him and his wife a little on Friday before the workshop. He is so personable and I thought his teaching style was excellent. I also had a private with him and was extremely pleased with it. I look forward to next time he visits us.

Cathy - VA

You create such a comfortable, down-to-earth atmosphere. There's no snootiness or pretension or feeling of "I'm better than you" -- just fun and service. As you know, this isn't all that common in the dance community... you're creating this for your students is, IMHO, very impressive. You've made your class exceptionally inviting and non-intimidating for any of us who have a terror of being looked down on!

You... REALLY KNOW YOUR STUFF, and are able to explain it clearly. Bottom line: I think you're... exceptionally gifted.

Vika - MN

Jason and Erica, gorgeous new routine to a contemporary song I didn't recognize, sounds Swedish, flowy and ethereal, danced in stunning white costumes. These two are SO extremely, strikingly beautiful together. They look like snow, like Nordic glaciers, like two Scandanavian mountain peaks dancing together above the cloud line. I loved this routine. I thought it was artistic and clean and moving, and I felt they should have placed higher - they took 7th.

Anonymous - D.C.

(After watching the U.S. Open live on

You are one of my favorite teachers of all time.

Frank - Raleigh, NC